Breen Plumbing Ltd.

‘Small enough to Care’
‘Big enough to Count’


Our skilled tradesman can help in all areas of plumbing, no plumbing problem is too big or too small for us.

- All general maintenance repairs, installations & upgrades
- Commercial work                                    - Residential Work
- New Home Builds                                    - Bathroom alterations
- Kitchen alterations                                  - Laundry alterations  
- All types of water heating                        - Supply of fixtures
- Hot water cylinders                                  - Solar water heating
- Wastewater systems                               - Fix noisy or leaking pipes
- Wetback water heating                           - Dripping taps
- Water filtration                                        - Leak detection
- Property management work                    - Toilets / Ensuites   
- Installations and repair of solar water heating systems
- Backflow Testing 
- Backflow prevention                                         
- Backflow installation – IQP registered
We welcome the opportunity to offer advice to clients, we like to deal direct with the homeowner and we have access to builders and other subcontractors to help with your project.


Can vary from updating and remodelling, and to restoring back to the original style of the house, or for  your kitchen / bathroom or laundry.  Breen Plumbing will provide their expertise with advice on the right fixtures suited for the clients requirements and workmanship.

New Homes

Breen Plumbing workmanship has been included  in new homes which have been built by  Master Builders of the Year.  Some of these new homes have had the latest of Gas appliances and systems in, solar heating, underfloor heating, wetback fires, all which minimise on going  electrical costs.

Maintenance and Repair

Plumbing maintenance covers a wide range of jobs from repairing that dripping shower or basin tap, broken pipes -  be it in the house or yard, leak in the  roof, toilet cistern that continually runs to blocked drains and problems with gas appliances.  Breen Plumbing Ltd are the people to call.

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