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Home Heating

We provide a quality installation service for clients, offering advice and solutions on home heating.  Our installers have been trained on full installation specification requirements.  Our installation team will arrive onsite remove existing fires and install with a minimum of fuss and leave the client comfortable with the operational procedures.

Warm Water Central Heating Systems

Water is heated with gas, diesel, heat pump or solar technology and then circulated through the house, radiating heat into the living environments.  The hot water is circulated either through pipes encased in the floor slab or through radiatiors located throughout the home.  Water transfers energy at a much higher rate than air, making these systems very efficient.  They can be installed in new and established homes.

Underfloor Heating
Warm water is pumped silently through tubing encapsulated within the concrete, raising the temperature of the slab to achieve a gentle radiation fo heat into the living areas.  The floor is separated into zones which can be controlled via thermostats or manual controls either centrally or in individual rooms.

Hot water is circulated silently through the radiator and heat is emitted into the surrounding area.  Radiators are very responsive with rapid heat up and cool down times, providing effective zone control.  Different areas of the home can be maintained at selected temperatures at different times of the day.

Installer Compentence
Breen Plumbing has approved technicians specifically trained to deliver on a promise of total comfort. 

Clean Heat Project

Breen Plumbing are proud to be involved in the Clean Heat Project in Timaru.  We know that domestic open fires and older solid fuel burners are responsible for air pollution.

Breen Plumbing are approved installers of the Masport F2000 ultra low emission woodburner that meets the requirement of the clean heat project.

Breen Plumbing are approved installers of a range of pellet fires, these fires deliver you comfort and warmth at a lower cost than gas or electricity for the equivalent heat output.

Wood Fires

Is so much more than just a heater.  It has to be a total experience bringing together the full drama and unique character of a live fire.

Pellet Fires

Combine traditional appeal of wood heating with modern clean eco friendly burning pellets.  Its like having an automatic wood fire.

Gas Fires

Provide the warmth and character of a real fire without the mess.

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