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We install residential, commercial and industrial gas services, also providing a gas fitting maintenance service including gas hot water, fires, hobs and all gas heating. All gas work is tested for your safety  and certified as required. We use the very best products and take pride in our work.

There is a huge choice of gas appliances available today, we are happy to have our Certifying  Gasfitters (Master Gasfitters)  direct you to approved suppliers.  Whether it is a new kitchen upgrade, a central heating system, gas fire or a new hot water mains pressure upgrade, we are able to help you

- Installing gas infinity units                                              
- Installing gas hobs in kitchens
- Install gas fires
- Maintenance, repairs and servicing
- Connecting units to mains gas supply
   or the LPG bottle supply
- Gas jobs are issued with a gas 
   certificate to meet with New Zealand
- Central heating systems



Gas heating can range from heating for sheds and offices to large gas dryers for seed etc. 

Servicing and Inspection

Breen Plumbing Certifying Gasfitters (Master Gasfitters)  are prompt and efficient in providing servicing and repairs that are required.  This covers a range of work from gas cylinders, gas heaters, gas hot water, gas heating system and other fixtures.

All pipe work

 Our Certifying Gasfitters (Master Gasfitters) have had years of knowledge and experience in working with pipe work related to gas appliances and fixtures.  Covering new, to repairs this work is second nature to them, providing expertise with every job.

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