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We install commercial and industrial drainage.  We provide comprehensive drain maintenance and repair services.  These include replacing your existing drain, unblocking using a hydrojet water blaster, remove roots with the drain root cutter and video your drain to ascertain its condition.  We offer a service whereby we can identify the location and position of the fault, design a solution and repair the problem as quickly as possible and have your drain functioning again in hours.

Drain laying

We install commercial and industrial drainage.  Whether it is a sewer or stormwater line in need of repair, or a drain that needs laying or fixing, quality workmanship is quaranteed.  Diagnosis is fast and accurate.  Any excavation work is carried out quickly and efficiently with minimum impact.  And importantly your site is left clean and tidy.

  • Stormwater and sewer repairs and renovation
  • Repair of collapsed and broken drains
  • Commercial and factory drainage
  • New manholes
  • Pump chambers
  • Retention tanks

Design Solutions

We provide a service and technology to design a drainage system and solutions ranging from basic drainage to more sophisticated.  We are happy to assist you and provide a modern drainage solution for your commercial drainage needs.

Design services include
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Foul water drainage
  • Specialist drainage system
  • Rain water collection

Video Inspections

Inspections are available using our drain camera which is able to locate and identify problems in the drain.  No unnecessary digging is required as the camera inspection will accurately locate the point in a drain that requires repair and replacement work.

Fibreglass Drainage

We specialise in the installation of fibreglass pipes that are virtually indestructible making them ideal for piping slurry.  They give flexibility, are lightweight and easily cut.  Fibreglass pipes is the ideal solution for any demanding application.  Ideal for general drainage, diverting the flow of water, transportation of slurry undergound.

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